In This Silent Sky

In This Silent Sky

…there is light and love and freedom.
Also feathers.

flighty scoop:
Silent Wings hair in white from Exile
Harley skin in peach from Pink Fuel
Makeup from Mock Cosmetics
Pearl eyes, classic in grey wolf from Poetic Colors
pose by aDORKable


Dirty Old Town

I think I can stop hoping that summer is still trying to stick around. The weather has definitely changed around here- it seems to have gone from warm and sunny to grey and wet overnight! All in all, though, I don’t mind too much…while a spell of of warmth and sun is always welcomed, I do so enjoy autumn. The leaves turn brilliant colours, the earth is well hydrated once more, and I get to overdose on all things pumpkin while snuggling up in front of my fireplace.

The only thing that leaves me a bit flat is the dullness of the city. When the skies are grey and there’s rain in the air, there no denying that all that concrete does nothing to stir the imagination. That may be why red is such a favourite colour to wear this time of year, because it is so delightfully defiant of all that grey! Black and red are a nice contrast to the monochrome, and cooler temperatures are a nice excuse to dust off the hats and boots.

Dirty Old Town

The Fallish scoop:
‘Falling For You’ hair with beret in Natural Fusion2 Phoenix from Exile (at Collabor88)
Oversized Wool Coat in black from ISON (at Collabor88)
Bohemian Diamond dress in red from Somnia
Alyx skin in Vanilla from Pink Fuel
Vanity boots in black from SLink
Dorothy Cat-eye glasses in Cherry from PurpleMoon Creations
Pearl eyes in caramel from Poetic Colors
Wild Full Thick lashes from Maxi Gossamer
pose by aDORKable (closed)

“I left my love, by the gassworks wall
Dreamed a dream, by the old canal
I kissed my girl, by the factory wall
Dirty old town, dirty old town…”
– The Pogues

Cold Moon

Okay, I really don’t have an excuse for missing an opportunity to do up a blog for Yule…other than the usual silliness that goes on at this time of year. Keeping my mind on one thing in particular is a challenge. I am also a scatterbrain, and that is unfortunately year-round. (This term has been discussed very recently and the vote’s still out between me and The Bestie as to just whose brain is more scattered. I insist it’s me, but that’s a topic for another time!)

Anyway! I may have missed Yule and the solstice, blog-wise, but this December’s end is playing host to a full moon. When a full moon happens in December it is called a Cold Moon. It is a reminder that winter still has us in its grasp, and most likely will for a while. Me, I don’t mind a bit- in fact, I’d be happy if winter would make its presence known around here with just a wee bit more enthusiasm! I love the snow, but it is a rare occurrence in my corner of the (real) world. Fortunately, I can dive back into the chill of a Second Life winter and experience all the snow I want. And I have found a couple of the cutest things to show off while I’m dancing in all this snow, too.

Cold Moon

It’s easy to dress to impress for less, people! This sweet little G Field dress is a group gift…and the perfectly appropriate wintery Glam Affair skin is available at a discount at The Attic. I love rewards and deals from my favourite stores, oh yes I do. And it just so happened that the utterly cool beret hair from Exile works perfectly with…well, with pretty much everything, actually.

So I’ll just be over here, dancing in the snow if you want to join me!

the scoop:
2012 Holiday Dress in blue from G Field (group giftie)
Short Lace Up boots in white, also from the Field of G
Renee skin, Christmas Edition 3 from Glam Affair (at The Attic)
A Winter’s Tale hair/beret in bleach from Exile
Classic Eyes in grey wolf from Poetic Colors
Wild Full Thick lashes from Maxi Gossamer
poses by Tea.S
Winter Trees scene of snowy wonderfulness from 3D Trees

If There’s Anything

…that you want, if there’s anything I can do
Just call on me and I’ll send it along
WITH LOVE from me to you…

(With apologies to The Beatles for that shameless theft of their song lyrics.)

With Love

Even though Autumn is my favourite season, even the most avid fancier of earth tones needs a little snazz once in a while. How fortunate- and timely- that Somnia is involved in CHIC Management’s With Love ❤ Hunt! The little 'Velvet Shimmer' dress is just in time for any weekend holiday parties you've got planned as well. Add some shiny jewelry and flashy makeup and POP! Me? I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go (at least for the moment) but if that last minute emergency party pops up, I'll be prepared because I don't plan on de-snazzing myself any time soon.

the snazzy scoop:
‘Velvet Shimmer’ dress in blue by Sanura Snowpaw for Somnia *FOR THE WITH LOVE ❤ HUNT*
'Glitter pop Eshadow' in Iced Grape and 'Luxuriant Lip Creme' in light pink by Mocksoup Graves for Mock Cosmetics
'Magda' hair in Brownie by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile
'Bianca' skin in apricot by Rhapzody Wilde for Mynerva
'Santa Fe' colour-change jewelry by Maxi Gossamer for…well, herself!
'Pearl' eyes in vineyard by Lano Ling for Poetic Colors
Poses by Gitterati