Sunny Sunday

So it was around about June-ish last year when I was moaning about my lack of sunshine but here it is the beginning of May and there is this great lovely glowing ball of fire in the sky! I’m not quite sure what to call it, so I’m going to name him Gerald. Gerald sounds like a nice pleasant name. I hope he doesn’t mind.

As a matter of fact, this Gerald- and a handful of other real life issues- got me so distracted that I have to admit I nearly forgot that the Sand & Sea Expo closes tonight! If you haven’t already been there, I suggest you port your pixels asap to take advantage of a whole host of summer/beach themed prizes. Now, my beach doesn’t include a lot of sand but I do have a lovely view of the sea, and to be honest am perfectly happy kicking back and relaxing in all this lush greenery.

inhereoutthere- Sunny Sunday 1

Afterwards, I do believe a canoe trip to the waterfalls is in order…I so like my sunny Sundays! Hope yours is coming along just as nicely, and remember to check out the Sand & Sea Expo before it closes tonight!

inhereoutthere- Sunny Sunday 2

the scoop:
Beach Fort (poses, colour changeable!) by ANA
Mesh string lights by LISP
Canoe by [TUFF] (two sizes and animations- go for a paddle!)
Morning tank and Weekenders shorts by DRIFT
Sybille hair in Chocolate by Wasabi Pills
Bianca skin in Apricot by Mynerva
Pornstar Lo-Top sneakers by Urban Bomb Unit
Enchanted Pond and Rocky Outcrop by Studio Skye
Beach grass hedgerow by KIDD


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