The Veil is Thinning

Samhain is nearly upon us, and the boundaries between worlds are getting hazy. The time when spirits will be on the move is fast approaching. It becomes more and more tempting for us lowly humans to indulge in a bit of dress-up. The mooooood struck me pretty much as soon as I took a look at the latest tidbits available at The Plastik.

Veil is Thinning

Did I say ‘tidbits?’ More like great cartloads of seasonal hotness! Partnered up with suitably moody makeup and hair, I’m beginning to feel the season, so I am.

the creeeeeepy scoop:
Beatnik- Skeletah top, Achillea- Abandon top, and Daunting Fate- Hollow outfit
all by Aikea Reiko for The Plastic
Tainted Tears of Love makeup by Mocksoup Graves for Mock Cosmetics
Milena skin in Porcelain by Rhapzody Wilde for Mynerva
Darling Nikki hair in Raven by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile
Fosse PVC pants in Black (in pic #2) by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch
All poses by Katey Coppola for Glitterati
Backgrounds by Magenta Devinna


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