No Place Like Home

Well, hey there! My apologies to you all (you know who you are, all four of you, muahaha!) but I have had an exceptionally busy (real) life the last few weeks. I have neglected my blog terribly, but hopefully things will be settling back into their groove now…you know, with real grooving.

In the interim, I decided that my little slice of Second Life needed an overhaul. To that end I done did buy myself a new little house and my lovely next door neighbor and I are busy Autumn-ifying our places up nicely. I have always enjoyed buying new houses but I’ve never been particularly good at (or motivated to) decorate them, so when one comes along that is a) stylish and well-made; and b) already furnished with stylish and well-made stuff I decided I needed that house! If you ever get the chance to peek through the newer prefabs at Creative Decay I suggest you do so. They’re spiffy.

No Place Like Home 1

Some things don’t change, though- one of them being the fun of dressing up. I don’t do it often- there are very few good quality dresses in my wardrobe ‘cuz it’s just not my thing to be all formal and stuff- but as we’ve all seen, there are times when a dress just sort of leaps out and demands purchasing. The hot little number from Schadenfreude at Collabor88 is just such a dress. It is beaded meshy deliciousness and I could not resist dolling my pixels up and strutting around my new house.

No Place Like Home 2

Anyway, I’ll just be over here…you know, strutting. See you soon!

the scoop:
‘Snack Size’ house by Creative Decay
‘Casati’ dress in Amber by Schedenfreude
‘Violeta’ hair in Rouge by Exile
‘Bianca’ skin in Apricot by Mynerva <- YOU NEED HER SKINS, TRUST ME
'Two Tone' eyes in Green/Brown by Insufferable Dastard
poses by
'Dhaelis' eyeshadow by Mock Cosmetics


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