How Did THAT Happen?

Well, how about that…before I knew it, InHereOutThere’s first anniversary had rolled around. Egads! I cannot believe I have been blogging (and boring you all) for that long already. How time flies!

I was in the mood for something a bit different last night (and by ‘different,’ I really mean ‘nutty,’ of course.) Every once in a while I feel the need to go all out and costume up to amuse myself, and the first place I thought of to find a costume was Bare Rose. To be honest I haven’t really been to many other places when this mood strikes because I always find the perfect thing to lift my spirits and make me grin at Bare Rose.

So! I think a nice little evening of Princess Mononoke- inspired cosplay qualifies as a departure, don’t you? And with that, I give to you ‘Naomi the Savage Princess!’

Savage Princess 1

Don’t laugh. I know you’re all on your way to Bare Rose to get your own. 😛

Savage Princess 2

Happy Anniversary to my blog of Random Gibberish! It’s been interesting to me to see how things have developed since March 2011, and I thank all of you who take the time to peek at it once in a while. It’s much appreciated.

Outfit: ‘Savage Princess’ by Bare@Rose
skin: ‘Bianca’ by Mynerva
hair: ‘Blind’ by elikatira
eyes: ‘Soul Eyes’ by Insufferable Dastard
‘No Alpha Lashes’ by Miamai
poses: Olive Juice


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