Sing Us A Song

One thing is for certain about the things you find at Leezu- they never fail to catch the eye.
Meet the fabulous mesh ‘Noir Nightingale,’ everyone.
I am sure she will amaze and delight all who try her on, for she is original and bold and full of exquisite texture- everything that one would expect from a Leezu creation!

Sing Us A Song 1

Sing Us A Song 2

“Nightingale, sing us a song…of a love that once belonged
Nightingale, tell us a tale…was your journey far too long?

All the voices that are spinning around me, trying to tell me what to say
Can I fly right behind you, and you can take me away
You can take me away…”

~Norah Jones

outfit: Noir Nightingale by Leezu
skin: ‘Bianca’ by Mynerva
eyes: ‘Soul Eyes’ by Insufferable Dastard
lashes: ‘Celebrity’ by Glam Affair
poses by !BANG
backdrop by Watsoon Steampunk


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