Look Of The Moment: Flashbacks At Home

For the record, I do not like using the word ‘retro.’ It’s overused and tired, but that’s just me. However, having said that, it seems to be the first word that springs to mind when I look at the end result of my recent inventory mashup.

LOTM Flashback1

The recipe? Take a kicky hairstyle from Truth, add a sexysweet little minidress from Ducknipple then blend well with a pair of luscious Bax Coen boots. Let simmer for a moment, then try a dash of cute specs from Kalnins. Fold this mixture over an adorable LAQ skin, then place carefully in the middle of a home built by L2 Studio.

LOTM Flashback2

Garnish liberally with a furniture set found at Cheeky Pea, and hey presto! Here I am, having Brady Bunch flashbacks in my living room!

LOTM Flashback3

Made me snicker, it did…it was completely unintentional at first, but it somehow ended up nicely retro, don’t you think? BAH, there’s that word again. Ah well, you’ll forgive me, right? After all, I am looking so totally groovy right now. Peace, love, and cookies, y’all!

hair: ‘Pepper’ by Truth
dress: ‘Memoty’ by Ducknipple
boots: ‘Prestige’ by Bax Coen
glasses: ‘Vintage’ by Kalnins
skin: ‘Ebba’ by LAQ (Christmas gift)
eyes: ‘Soul Eyes’ by Insufferable Dastard
poses: Glitterati
Foxgate house by L2 Studios
Dandelion living room set by Cheeky Pea


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