Yoga, Faery style

We are all aware of the benefits of yoga, are we not? It appears that the good news has reached other realms as well- the evidence of which can be seen below, courtesy of that most irrepressible of faeries!

Yes, Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe has released a set of eight yoga poses that will no doubt prove every bit as entertaining as they are beneficial. And I have to admit, I had the ideal location all picked out.


The view out my window certainly helps with the mood as I don my yoga gear and get down to some serious faery serenity. A nice comfy spot, and the afternoon is complete…at least until it’s time for coffee and snacks.

Yoga 4

Yoga 2

Yoga 3

And just think…all this serenity can be yours! Just take a taxi over to Studio Sidhe, pick up the yoga pose set for your very own, and commence with the faery fitness!

yoga poses: Studio Sidhe
yoga mat: kusshion
hair: ‘Midori’ by Truth
eyes: ‘Soul Eyes’ by Insufferable Dastard
skin: ‘Ebba’ by LAQ
top: ‘xacuti’ by Zaara
pants: ‘yoga’ by Sandshack Surf Co.
prim feet: ‘Jolie Pied’ by SLink
house: ‘Foxgate’ by L2 Studios


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