New Year, New Look

Alrighty, then! A bit of a hiatus is sometimes necessary to renew one’s enthusiasm- and mine certainly seems to be returning. The muse has been shouting, and who am I to ignore that?

Apparently the muse has been speaking to my jewelry, because I have a set of pretty things from Miel that also were hollering “TAKE PICTURES OF ME!” It’s amazing just what sorts of things talk to me- clothes, jewelry, hair, furniture, that shrub over there… I may need help!

Anyway, while I peruse the SL yellow pages for a therapist, I shall leave these photos up for you to peruse.

Uva 1“>

Uva 2“>

The ‘Uva’ set from Miel is a group gift, and includes earrings and necklace that are colour changeable. The size of the necklace can also be adjusted for a perfect fit, and the whole shebang is so versatile that it can snazz up a basic turtleneck like the one here from, or you can go a bit dressy like I did with the sleeveless Lucca turtleneck from WoE, or get completely dolled up in a gorgeous Zaara blouse and catch everyone’s eye!

Uva 3“>

So I suppose now the only real question left- because I assume that you are all in the Miel group, of course, haha- is what colour to wear? (hint: I suggest all of them!)

other credits:
skin, photos 1 & 2: “LOIE” from Chain & Vine (4.44.444 exclusive)
skin, photo 3: “Layla dark” from Glam Affair
hair: “Dylan” from
eyes: “classic- grey wolf” from Poetic Colors
poses: TeaSoup (closed, sadly)


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