One Sissy, So Many Choices

I was going to call this blog post “Holyhannahthisisneatstuff” but I thought that maybe that was a bit, you know, over the top. I decided to try something a bit less extreme without losing the enthusiasm.

Why the enthusiasm? I don’t know, perhaps it’s because I decided to wrap my adorable little pixels in Sissy, the latest creation from Leezu.

I am so glad I did! Not only are the colors rich, the textures are making me yearn for crisp autumn days and any excuse to throw on something warm and pretty.

And yet, there’s an option for everyone with Sissy. Complete your outfit with the funky frilled skirt and sexy lacy hosiery, and hey presto! You’re all ready to raise some eyebrows and make everyone you meet ask you “Wherever did you find such a fun outfit??”

You can smile and direct them straight to Leezu!

Outfit: ‘Sissy’ from Leezu
Skin: ‘Loie’ from Chain & Vine
Eyes: ‘Soul Eyes- Vivid Brown’ by Insufferable Dastard
Hair: ‘Fight’ and ‘Again’ by elikatira
Boots: ‘Short Lace-Up Boots’ by GField
Poses: Glitterati and Olive Juice


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