Pretty As A Picture

Fist off, I want to thank Kouse Singh for her newest creation. At first glance, ‘Gabrielle’ is a gown that promises not to disappoint in its ability to stir one’s flights of fancy (or fantasy) and, once it’s worn, it certainly lives up to the promise.
Gabrielle 3

I have to admit, it was not a particularly hard sell to slip this gown on because I am an affirmed Kouseaholic…simply put, it is understated renaissance beauty. Pairing it with a lovely unadorned hairstyle like ‘Blind’ from elikatira just seemed to put the icing on the whole medieval cake. But I’ll stop gushing and just let Gabrielle speak for herself!
Gabrielle 4

Gabrielle 1

Gabrielle comes in eight (yes, eight!) gorgeous colours. So really, there’s no excuse not to take a trip to Kouse’s Sanctum to find a Gabrielle (or two, or four) of your very own!
Gabrielle 2

other credits:
skin and makeup: Sara by Tuli
poses: Tea Soup (photos 1 & 4), Glitterati (photos 2 & 3)
backgrounds: Magenta Bing (except for my own, in photograph 1)


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