More Strawberry Goodies!

The Strawberry Hunt is on now til Sunday. That’s tomorrow, people! You have one more day to zip over to the Where It Begins Flea Market to find your strawberries. Inside said berries you will find some juicy gifts.

Strawberry Hunt 1

What Next has a ‘pre-loved lawn chair’ decorated with strawberries. This chair has plenty of poses and is ever so comfortable. There is also a pretty little lawn chair from sur+ that comes complete with your very own chipmunk to chat to while you relax. I wouldn’t advise trying to take his strawberry, though…you may have a fight on your hands!

Strawberry Hunt 2

The stacked teacups and berries come from Art Dummy, and make any afternoon in the garden more enjoyable.

Strawberry Hunt 3

This lovely decorated Spring Chair from Zigana promises to light up any garden party. As you can see, I am suitably dressed for such a party in my Berries Inc shorts- also a hunt prize. Okay, perhaps I’m not quite suitably dressed for a garden party…or perhaps I am! It’s all about comfort in my garden. 🙂

other credits:
hair: elikatira ‘Almost’
skin: Tuli ‘Sara’
feet: SLink Jolie Pied-flat
trunk: what next
backdrop: Magenta Bing


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