A ‘League’ Of Its Own, at CHIC

When I feel like wearing something a wee bit edgy I often turn to items I’ve bought at League. I blame their jeans for initially hooking me in, but the rest of the clothes I now own from League are equally spiffy. So imagine my glee when I landed at CHIC’s First Birthday Venue and spied what promised to be a sweet little League dress.

League CH1C 1

The ‘Vintage Chiffon’ was everything I’d expected: pretty muted tones, hassle-free fit, and lovely details. I meant to purchase just one- the ‘moss’ colour was an instant favourite- but accidentally bought ‘taupe’ by mistake. Normally I would have gone about asking for an exchange but it took me about 2 seconds to decide I really needed both anyway!

League CH1C 2

The demure lace on the collar and the bow on the hip have been artfully countered by a plunging neckline and frilled hem, and it seemed completely natural to want to pair it with my Cassandra heels from SLink. I decided to experiment a bit with a brand new skin that I’d purchased from Grixdale…it makes me look younger than ever but hey, a cute dress demands an equally cute skin, right? Crown it all off with the playful ‘Paper’ hairstyle from elikatira and the gift earrings I’d just snapped up at Earthsones, and I just can’t stop posing!

League CH1C 3

You all go on ahead without me…I’ll be here a while. 😀

dress: ‘Vintage Chiffon’ from League (at CH1C)
skin: ‘Teagan 2-Honey’ by Grixdale
hair: ‘Paper’ by elikatira
shoes: ‘Cassandra’ by SLink
lashes: ‘Celebrity’ by Glam Affair
background by Magenta Bing (on Marketplace)


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