Light In The Dark

I know this is the spot where I’m supposed to type some clever words and such.

The clever words were going to be all clever and stuff, something about how once upon a time a little pixelcutie happened upon a dark attic…
Light In the Dark 1

…and how there was a glow coming from a door along the back wall, which of course needed investigating…
Light In The Dark 2

…and how the doorway seemed to lead onto this lovely moonlit balcony that was all purple and stuff. Happy endings for all.
Light In The Dark 3

That’s what I was going to type, but…it’s late, I’m tired, and I’m distracted by the wonderful gift outfit from G Field. The puff-sleeve top and maxi skirt are available in a nice variety of colours, so once I tried the yellow I knew I was going to have to go back and get more.
Light In the Dark 4

So far the white top has also come home but I suspect it will have company soon!

hair: elikatira
skin: Tuli
eyes: Umedama holic
poses: Glitterati

backgrounds: by Magenta Bing, sold on Marketplace. You want them, you know you do.


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