Background Love Fest

Let’s face it…what I don’t know about Second Life photography could probably fill a virtual warehouse, but I DO know what makes my Inner Addict happy. Aside from good poses, there is this fussy need to find the PERFECT background…which is why it usually takes me ten times longer to set up a nice photo than it would someone else. And then nine times out of ten I will scrap the photo because the background didn’t look as nice as I thought it was going to anyway!

So imagine my elation when Jeni pointed out some background packs for sale on Marketplace. I believe it took me about two seconds to fall in love with them.

The creator of these full-perm backgrounds is Magenta Bing, and she has done some truly beautiful stuff here. The first three are from her “Romance” pack:

Background Love 1

Background Love 2

Background Love 3

…and these are from the “Gothic” pack (although they suit a cute little Pagan nicely too, in my humble opinion!)

Background Love 4

Background Love 5

Background Love 6

There are six different background packs for sale, each with twenty different backgrounds. This gives my Inner Addict great joy because the perfect background is only as far away as my inventory! I know Magenta has other things up on Marketplace and I may have to check them out at some point, but right now I am having way too much fun with the backgrounds!

Thanks for looking! Hope you like.

Photo 1 outfit: Evie’s Closet
Photo 2 outfit: Kouse’s Sanctum // hair: Truth
Photo 3 outfit: wait! No outfit! 😀
Photo 4 & 5 outfit: Sn@tch
Photo 6: Wishbox

skin (all:) Tuli
hair (all except #2:) elikatira


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