I Am Shocked!

…culturally, that is!

Or I will be, once Culture Shock opens its virtual doors. There promises to be a large amount of things to see and do.

Or there will be, once I’m through admiring my Studio Sidhe-clad tush! The lovely Faery Sola is up to her usual workaholic tricks and has a brand new line of unisex jeans that will be available at Culture Shock. I love funky jeans, so when Faery asked me to get into her pants I didn’t think twice!

Unisexy 3

It’s nice here, in Faery’s pants…

Unisex(y) 2

Culture Shock runs from May 1 – 22 so you have plenty of time to check out Studio Sidhe, and get yourself some unisex(y) jeans. All for a wonderful cause.

Unisex(y) 1

And that’s the end!

hair: elikatira (photo 1) CiC (photo 3)
tank top: Mischief (store closed)
t-shirt: WoE
skin: Tuli
Poses: Glitterati


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