A Very Good Friday

Any Friday is good, because it signals the end of yet another work week. This particular Friday is VERY good, and for two good reasons: firstly because it’s a long weekend, and secondly because I found me on sale!

Okay, not ME me, of course. But what I did discover was a wonderful coincidence at Kouse’s Sanctum, in the form of a beautiful Easter gown called- you guessed it- ‘Naomi.’ It took about 0.0009 seconds for me to decide to indulge myself in a little early rezday present! Maybe not even that long, muahaha.

Naomi in Naomi

The details on this gown are delicate and ever so pretty, from the subtle texture of the bodice to the jewel on the skirt. A little well-placed sparkle gives me happy! The fact that the gown is practically a steal (out for Easter, selling at L$100) gives me even more happy. And it goes so very well with my Belleza skin and some of my favourite hairs from Truth (photo #2) and elikatira (photos 1 and 3.) I has much happy, I does.

Naomi in Naomi 2

Naomi in Naomi 3

And you’ll notice that, in that last picture, is the funky Castor Sofa from Mudhoney. My lovely sofa was a prezzie from the ever-delicious Unscrupulous Aker. She is a sweetheart and I suggest you all go do things to her. She loves it when things are done to her!

So all in all, this good Friday was a GREAT Friday- courtesy of Naomi! 😀


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