Just a Poser for Studio Sidhe!

Howdy, all!  I have returned to my humble little blog, believe it or not.  Hasn’t scared me off yet, due in no small part to the warm welcome I’ve received from some of my sl peers. Thank you very much for your kind words, you lot. ♥

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Let’s check the date…oh my stars, it’s April already!  I seem to be averaging one blog per month…not a particularly ambitious start, is it?  I solemnly swear that I will do my best to bloggify a bit more frequently, and what better reason to blog than an aspiring sl photographer’s best friend- poses!  And what better place to find poses? POSE FAIR!  I’ll bet you saw that coming a mile away, amIrite?  😀

I have the incredible good fortune to be able to show off some of the delicious couples poses Studio Sidhe has out for Pose Fair 2011.  They’re called ‘Running Up That Hill’ and you can see them up close and personal along the back wall as you run into Faery’s shop at Pose Fair.

Running Up 1

I had to bribe Lorc pretty heavily to pose with me…he’s not fond of bright lights and cameras in his face, but he seemed to come around after a while.

Running Up 2

Running Up 3a

There is much to inspire the imagination. Pose Fair ‘runs’ til April 15, and I suggest you all head over to Studio Sidhe to do your own ‘Running Up That Hill!’

fri.day ‘Dylan’
CiC ‘Nathan’
Elikatira ‘Comfort’ (VIP gift)
Sn@tch ‘Patrona’ outfit
Zaara tunic
Zaara ‘Svara’ dress
Evie’s Closet ‘Faery’


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