Feelin’ Lucky?

…well, are ya? 🙂

Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.  With it comes a wonderful excuse to wear green- if any excuse is even needed!  Green is near the top of my own personal list of  Colours I Like To Wear, being nice and natural and earthy and all.   I am also a fan of stores who offer free gifts to mark occasions like this (it’s the perfect opportunity to try before you buy, if you’ve not yet decided the stores at which you’re eventually going to spend your lindens.)

So let’s do a bit of math…combine St. Patrick’s Day greenness with free gifts from favourite stores and that equals an opportunity to share some green without spending too much green!







First up is the free outfit out at DCNY…there is a Hearts tank top and slim-fit jeans in ‘Fern Wash.’  Green and cute, what could be better?




The next giftie is an outift from Jane- shirt, shorts, and socks just in time for Shamrock Season.  It’s not entirely green, mind you, but there is the cutest little rainbow on the t-shirt which will hopefully lead you to your pot of gold.  And if you look closely, there are in fact shamrocks on the slouchy socks that make them appropriate for March 17 festivities.

And if you’re looking for something a bit fancy to wear to your St. Patrick’s Day party but are short on lindens, there’s options for that too.  PurpleMoon Creations has a sweet dress and and hat out for a group gift…






Granted, you do have to join PurpleMoon to receive this, but it’s well worth it.  This promises to be a fun little frock!




And speaking of fun, the free St. Patrick’s Day outfit at one of my favourite stores is Fun with a capital F.  Or G, as in G Field!  Trust me, it all makes sense.  You can make sense of anything when you’re wearing shamrocks on your clothes.











Hope your St. Patrick’s Day outfit shopping is as enjoyable (and thrifty) as mine was!

photo #1 Belleza skin ‘Erika’
elikatira hair ‘Early’
Kalnins glasses

photo #2 Belleza skin
elikatira hair
ottico glasses
Duh! sneakers

photo #3 Belleza skin

photo #4 Tuli skin ‘Audrey’
Truth hair ‘Trinity’


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