Saving a heart!

Okay, first of all, welcome to InHereOutThere. ‘In Here,’ of course, refers to the goings-on in Second Life, and ‘Out There’ pertains to…well…the time spent out and about while poking around the more interesting corners of SL.

(Some might claim it could also mean I’m frequently ‘out’ of my mind. Who am I to argue?)

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, but for the sake of (what’s left of) my sanity and Aradil Lorefield’s heart (YES she has one, and it has been declared said heart would be broken if I didn’t) I’m going to try my clumsy little hand at blogging.  I’m new at this and flying a bit blind, so I ask for your patience while I muddle through!

I’m a confirmed card-carryin’ clothes-hoardin’ sl junkie, who also dabbles a bit with photography. I’ve been in SL for nearly two years now.  My goodness, where does the time go?

Ohai!  This be my demure look.











^ demure look. ^_^

(Sn@tch tank top, Truth hair, Rockberry skin, and Cheeky Pea arbor.)

I have learned much so far- and most of that from a handful of beautiful, generous, and PATIENT ladies- but (second) life is about the ride, not the destination.  I may not know everything yet, but hey, I know what I like. Hopefully it’ll be something YOU like, too.  And there is always more to learn, that’s for sure. What I do know for a fact is that I’m  hooked.  On what, you ask?  Well, pretty much everything. Clothes. And hair. And skin. And good skyboxes. And dances. And shoes. And and and. You see where this is going, right?

Mmm, Riddle.











You can’t see it, but I’m staring at myself in the mirror here…hee hee hee…

(Truth hair, Rockberry skin, Riddle dress of supercoolness.)

Anyway, more to come in the not-too-distant future!  With a little luck I can keep you all mildly entertained…hope you like what you see.

~Naomi ♥


One thought on “Saving a heart!

  1. And she’s off and rolling! HUZZAH! So glad to see you doing this m’love! Now watch as I shake my pompoms at ya! ♥

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